"We Help Businesses Increase Revenue and Generate New Customers Through Online Advertising" 

"Where Creativity Meets Purpose"
The devil’s in the details and at the core of any digital strategy, you need to have a cohesive online presence. We help you navigate this ever-changing landscape, and it starts with Search and Social Media. We specialize in aligning these two channels by blending creativity with technology to build a cohesive online brand so that you can connect with your customers/audience in the most impactful way.

Its Simple.

Trust the process.

 Search and Social Media are near and dear to any brand, and when you connect the pieces correctly, we know that A + B can equal C. We make sure your brand is represented in a way that fits your personality and business goals making it easy for your customers/audience to connect across search and social seamlessly. It’s not rocket science; it’s hard work over time.

 “Content builds relationships.
Relationships are built on trust.
Trust drives revenue.”


Website Design  
KPIs and Reporting  
Social Media


We love the Internet and we know that the best thing about it is short; in particular, Google search. We didn't choose the search life; the search life chose us.


Everyone wants data, including us. We love helping clients get their analytics in their data working for them. It's also the window to all hard work.

Social media

We leverage all digital assets, beyond your website and social media, to ensure they are working together to create a cohesive online presence.


Wikipedia offers a broad definition for a webmaster, which is how we approach development. We can do little or a lot depending on your needs.
Clients & ​​​​​​Partners

Fitzgerald Council
Pathós Digital CEO, Founder

Our Ethos
Innovation inspires us, results excites us, and great work drives us.
Our clients are more like partners, and often, more like good friends, we enjoy working with. From the familiar faces on Facebook through to the chatty peeps on Twitter & high brows of LinkedIn, we craft the social media strategies to grow your bottom line.
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